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João Doutel (alias Arnath) is a global photographer now based on Porto, Portugal.

Inspired by his father's passion about photography, his growing interest in photography has started at tender age. With the arrival of the digital era and the info-democratic age of the internet this interest has grown more than a hobbie  and it was when João has enrolled in a self-taught formation. Since 2004 that he has been using his Flickr account as a mean to show his work.

Later in 2012 he has accomplished a Digital Photography Course in IPF - Portuguese Institute of Photography - in Porto, Portugal.

Between 2014 and 2015 João and her partner accomplished the project "Os Peripatéticos", a round the world trip followed by an extended photographic work having visited 15 different countries in 10 months.

He is specialized on travel , architecture and events photography.

Currently João is also partner of Fotoadrenalina organizing and leading photographic expeditions to the U.S.A. and South-east Asia.


2009, Collective Exhibition "A Glimpse of the World", DUPLAFACE - Companhia da Artes da Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Arcozelo, Ponte de Lima

2010, Collective Exhibition "Parks and Wildlife", Parque Biológico de Gaia

2011, Collective Exhibition "IPF Students - Digital Course Class of November 2011", IPF - Portuguese Institute of Photography, Porto

2015, Individual Exhibition "Os Peripatéticos – A Photographic Collection of a Trip Around the World ", Convento do Carmo, Braga

2016, Collective Exhibition “While Away”, Lx Factory, Lisboa


2010, Magazine "Rota&Destinos" - Single Photo

2015, Travel article in "SIM" magazine


2009, Competition "A Glimpse of the World", by Grupo DUPLAFACE - 2nd Prize

2010, Competition "My City.My View", by Canon Portugal - Top 10 Selection

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