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We have begun a new journey, literally speaking. Me and my partner cannot remember exactly from where the idea of doing a round-the-world trip came first originally. Nevertheless, like strong ideas, this one started to grow fast inside our minds, just like Leonardo DiCaprio had placed them on our minds through some kind of inception technique. As the idea develops into plans, and plans into actions, we finally have set the idea into motion. Leaving the known world was never easy, but the sense of adventure and the will to know the world overcame all obstacles.

For our year travel we have created a dedicated blog with the name that we have nicknamed for ourselves. "Os Peripatéticos" is the Portuguese for "The Peripatetics". The word peripatetic is an adjective which etymology remote to the Ancient Greek. The word is best known to refer to the Peripatetic school or to its followers formed by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. The school was known in the beginning as the Peripatos that originated from the greek word peripatoi  (which means collonade) of Athens, where the group of philosophers often met.

As soon as Aristotle died, people started to refer to him as a "peripatetic" lecturer. In this case the term came instead from the greek word peripatetikos which refers to the act of walking and can be used as the adjective of itinerant, wandering or walking about.

Although our way of thinking might be quite different from the Aristotelian doctrine, what a better name could we have found for a journey of constant wandering and travelling. A greek word from a philosopher's school to our idea. People also said that Aristotles, the peripatetic philosopher, walked about as he taught. We like to think in a different aim: we walk about as we learn.

Please follow up our adventures at: osperipateticos.weebly.com


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